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Knowing of Diagnosis & Treatments

For a greater living, knowing the diagnosis and treatment plays a pivotal role, discover more!


Genome Technology
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Our Preline Health Care is dedicated to providing us to efficiently find drug candidates with desirable properties. Our AI platform rapidly directs us to the best drug candidates.

We are focussing on the development and marketing of oligonucleotide therapies that target the genetic determinants of disease at the level of RNA or DNA. These genetic diseases are mediated by altered molecular phenotypes, such as transcription, splicing, translation and protein binding. Predicting those alterations is our core competency. The oligonucleotide therapeutic design space includes tens of billions of compounds, but our platform makes it possible to search this space efficiently.

Drug Discovery using AI technology

We apply AI, machine learning and other advanced technologies to reinvent the ways drugs are discovered and developed. Our mission is to re-engineer drug discovery and deliver life changing medicines for patients in need.

Why Choose Us

At HealthCare, we believe in empowering people to take their own care, when suffering from diseases. This is the reason why we support patient advocacy programs and invest in community building.

As part of our commitment to reimagining diagnosis, we're using data to help us create application that improve people’s lives.

Our strategy

Our strategy is to build a leading, automation health care company powered by advanced platforms and data science.

Our Focus

Developing new and innovative ways to reach people in lower-income countries is one of our top priorities. To improve access to healthcare, we pursue a variety of approaches.

Unleash the power of our people

We are transforming our culture to ensure people can fully apply their talent and energy. We’re creating an organization where people are inspired, curious and unbossed.

Deliver transformative innovation

In our pursuit of transformative treatments, we challenge medical paradigms and explore possibilities to cure disease. Intervene in earlier chronic illness, and find ways to dramatically improve quality of life.


Welcome to Preline Health Care Team! Our team is dedicated to making every patient feel welcome, comfortable, and valued – because in our office you are! One of our favorite things to do is help those patients who suffer from health, fear or anxiety.

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