Covid 19 Stay Home Stay Safe

Covid 19 Stay Home Stay Safe
21 May

I wanted to shout out to this whole world to stay home and be safe from covid-19. Only the families which were affected by Corona knows the consequences of this virus. Lakhs and Lakhs of people are affected by covid-19.

One person in a family plays a major role in terms of earning money, doing household chores, taking care of others in the family, entertaining the family members. The absence of one person makes a major differrence in a family and is a great loss. This is a kind of communicable disease, we are important to our family and to our society.

I have heard that children were left alone at homes while parents being affected by covid-19, parents were left alone while children affected by corona virus(covid-19). there are many those whole die everyday and families were left hopeless.Also peole those who are of daily wages,suffer for food,our day to day life is affected.

The consequences are greater not only to the affected person,but to their families, society,and also for them those whole take care of the affected patients.

Healthcare Professional

There are so many doctors and nurses, sacrifing their own lives and lament for their own families. Doctors and Nurses have dedicated their own lives. Do we think there is no way to break this corona, we have solution in our own hands.

Only thing we need to do is to stay home strictly for 15 days.Let us all take an Oath of staying at home. Let us break this chain. It is a responsiblity of every citizen in our country to break this chain. Let us all give less importance to family functions, marriages and birthday parties.

We all join together in making a decision of not going anywhere unless its is an emergency situation. We should break the chain of Covid-19 and prevent ourselves from corona virus. Lives which god has given us is so precious,Let us all give importance to our precious lives which god has given us.

Please wear a mask if gone out for an emergency situation, wash your hands as soon as stepping into our home, Maintain a social distance from one to another. Let us not spread this virus to others. We all should have a mind that others should not suffer because of our carelessness.

Please stay home and stay safe. Think think think and save yourself and others.

M.K.Stalin TN Account Transparent for Covid-19 Pandemic

Help our own people through our Honorable Cheif Minister Mr.M.K.Stalin CM's Fund for Covid Pandemic. This is a great initiative by our honorable cheif minister M.K.Stalin crowd funding in Tamil Nadu will help to buy oxygen from other countries.This plan is transparent to everyone, so that all of us can believe in this process of CM's crowd funding.

The same process, if follwed by india would be great preventive measure for our country.

How to Take Safety Measures

How to take safety measures in case of sickness or symptoms of corona. We dont have to go out for everything.There are doctors,nurse practitioners, food suppliers working on our behalf.

In case of sickness or related covid-19 symptoms, we should seek for online consultation which can avoid going out in this pandemic situation.

When we go out during our sickness, we will have less immunity and more prone to corona virus. Online Doctor consultatin will help us to be avoid from the corona virus infection

For basic symptoms we can consult doctor online and get cleared of all our doubts. We can use medication prescribed by the doctor through online consultation by We should take all the safety measures to be prevented from this pandemic.