Online Consultation Usage and Benefits Among Women

Online Consultation Usage and Benefits Among Women
20 March

Health doubts,Nutrition and Fittness was fastest-growing specialities in onine consultation among women in India last year.

Married women and above 30 age womens has most of health queries related to these above specialisation.

India March 17,2021, The Covid-19 pandemic most of them shift towards digital healthcare practices in India, especialy women has been significant.

Online consultation became and most required modes of consulting doctors in India, and registering to digital healthcare/online consultation growth in higher in this year.

Most of the womens opted online consultation in 2020 - growing rate became higher compared to mens in online consultation.

This means that majority of total no of online consultation done by women in 2020. These has been steady increase in percentage of online consultation taken by women. This is called telemedicine developing for past three years.

From 10% in 2018 to 35% in 2020, women from cities are fast catching up with their consulting in digital healthcare.

I have discovered online consultation for the first time during the lockdown where I had to consult a physiotherapist,general physician for a treatment.

The process was quick , convenient and effective. Technology has made things easiers, especialy for peoople our age limited by options and mobility, Says "Ranjani" is a 26 year old Preline user from Pazhani , Tamil Nadu.

Due to many factors increasing focus on health doubts, nutrition and well being.

25% of online consultation done by women for health doubts and general treatments.

As per the records 50-60% of online consultation done by Psychiatry. Most of the womens from rural areas are concerned about depressions,anxiety and panic attacks.

Most of the womens from urban areas are concerned about stress,obcessive-compulstive disorder,eating disorder and mood disorder.

As per the recordss most of the womens done online consultation for diet,nutrition and fittness.

Majority among womens in onine consultation between 20-30 age user compare to mens.

Women from more than 50 consulted doctors online for the first time in 2020.

Commenting on these prelinehealthcare,

Dr Johnson, Microbiology,Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, who also consults on Preline, said,

“ Last few years people are driving to digital healthcare. Preline Healthcare opened up access to digital healthcare services in India, It's most useful and revolutionized for the patients or women. With the support of doctors – we hope to continue providing people the service they need, 24*7, to live longer, healthier lives.”