Work From Home issues How To Solve Them

Work From Home issues How To Solve Them
01 May

A home and office are different environment as well as atmosphere.

Work from home will give relaxation and a great relief from travelling in most of the cities in India. Hot of the cities will have more traffic, irritation, frustration and time consuming. Working at home may be helpful to get rid of these kinds of factors like traffic, transportation cost and time saving majorly. All the employees have been used to work remotely for a complete year.

Also getting ready with the perfect costumes everyday is a huge duty like completing assignments at the last minute. But in WFH emvironment, its our choice of liberty to wear comfortable costumes.

In this article, will match to the mind voice of the most and the difficulties we’re facing in our new-found WFH routines;

Mental health

We used to work from office and return back to home. Both were different environment. But now being both are same may make us feel down sometimes. Our mind will wander for friends if there arises doubts, clarifications and suggestions. Also we need our colleagues around for cracking some jokes, to give us ideas on both personal and official extent. We would have missed our laughter and no one around us to share our ideas. Organizations should conduct programs on how to manage both in the same environment. Programs on how to edify one's self mentally. Managements should give space to the employees to relax and refresh themselves.

Socially interacting

Interacting with employees and people in the organization is a positive energy of many jobs. Yes, you’re there to work, but social contact is also important and can help with productivity and creativity by sharing ideas. Being encouraged by our colleagues and observing their facial expressions will make us feel warm and motivated.

Happy Time

In organizations people involve in activities conducted by HR like speech, singing , dancing, fun and creative activities. This will keep employees boosted and were really recognized for their refreshments. Most of these activities were organized on every fridays. Fridays were enthusiastically anticipated by all the employees and were named as "fun friday". But all these could not be expected in WFH environment, which may lead to frustration.

Recruitment Process

HR recruitment process changed a lot, instead of taking an F2F interview, conducting an interview remotely, has the reduced communication with hiring the right person for the organization. There may be a confusion for the recruiter to find their talents and skills are real or fake.


Comparing to the busy office work with a busy home based work is entirely distinct. We used to go for a break with friends. Offenly conducted team lunches, treats, birthday parties will make us feel occupied, feel energetic for people being around us.

At home these are not happening and always tend to be in the same environment. This may initiate loneliness to the employees. Due to loneliness, employees may feel stressed and reduced creativity. It may be a drop for an employee as well as for the organization.

Work-life balance

Balancing both work and life is a biggest task. Most of the female employees feel WFH environment is helpful in caring their children, preparing food, managing household chores etc... Unless they feel stressed for being in the same environment for a longer duration. Employees in WFH environments should make sure they are giving some space for themselves both mentally and physically.

Working remotely in home may balance Work and Life.

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Note: if you feel any of the above mentioned difficulties consulting a doctor is good.

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